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Good morning my crafty friends!  I need to raise a little money & clear out some inventory!  So, why not do both and at the same time, give you guys some GREAT deals!

At 3pm, Mountain (Arizona) time, I will be running a comment game on Crafty's Creations Facebook page!

Here's how it will go!! I will be posting pictures on my Facebook wall with a price & which comment will win that item for that price!
Example:  Halloween hair clip $4.00 shipped, 5th comment wins!
I can't even begin to describe the feeling of today.  Lately, I have been inspired by two people to start adding my creations to my Etsy site!  I still don't know how to do links on this blog, so bear with me! 
My Sis*Star, Kelly!  She is such a sweet, sweet, inspiring person!  I can't believe I was lucky enough to get to know her!   We met through a Facebook group called Craft it Forward & I swear, it's like friendship at first sight! :)

My qulling buddy, Monica!  She makes me laugh to the point where I almost pee myself!  We also met through Craft it Forward on Facebook.  She does these amazing tutorials on her website/blog & another truly inspirational woman!

So, after prodding from them, I decided to reactivate my Etsy shop & try to sell some of my creations.  I spent probably two hours trying to make up descriptions, pricing, etc. for my product.  I also had decided to make a Facebook page just for my crafts (!/craftyscreations) and then also a fan page: (!/pages/Craftys-Creations/110458282329059) 

I swear, within an hour of adding my jewelry creations to Etsy & also my Facebook pages, I sold 3 items with two special requests.  My first customers happened to be one of my very best friends from high school of course & another person I went to high school with. But, STILL.....  It just made my day!  Ever since, I have not been able to stop making stuff!  Jewelry, crochet items, etc.  It's just been a whirlwind of creativity!  I would like to thank Monica & Kelly for their ongoing inspiration & support!  I truly LOVE you guys (ladies)!!