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I'm working on new stitches from "Crochet blocks in a box".
I'm trying the "Lacy Stripes" pattern block, which calls for a bobble stitch. Unfortunately, I've never made a bobble before. So, after reading the card (or so I thought) & the book that came with the cards, I turned to the internet for instruction. Which I found on & had NO problem learning it from the instructions given.

Unfortunately, my first attempt at the block just didn't look right, so I took it out & decided to try again in the morning.

This morning, I sit down with my hook, yarn & the pattern card. I look at the back, instructions for the block & what do I find? The stinking instructions to make a bobble! See what happens when I look "everywhere" for something? I find it the next day, right in front of me!

How could I have missed this?


Anyways, this is what the front of the card looks like. I'm hoping to make Justin a blanket by making numerous blocks in different colors!

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